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This website presents you a collection of general guidance for computational materials science. Most of these knowledge is universal to any simulations, though we try to provide more discussion from the MuPRO perspective whenever appropriate.


Mu-PRO aims to provide easy to use software solutions for mesoscale simulations. Check out the Mu-PRO Github organization and discussion!


We understand each of our users has unique simulation needs, thus our current primary focus is to distribute the Mu-PRO SDK that provides core solvers to our customers and allow them to customize the main programs that utilize these core solvers.

  • openmupro: common utilities used by muprosdk. Buyers have access to the source code and may contribute to it so that our next muprosdk release will contain functions from you!
  • muprosdk: core solvers, source code not accessible to the buyers
  • main programs: combining subroutines from openmupro and muprosdk to form a simulation program that solves physical models. Buyers may fork and change the source code to reflect their own needs.

Mu-PRO software

Though, Mu-PRO SDK is the future, for now, we are still only distributing executable only type software. Mu-PRO software is divided into two groups: server software and desktop software.

  • server software is designed to run on Linux server using MPI for parallelization. Available modules are:
    • Ferroelectric: simulate polarization domain structure evolution
    • Magnetic: simulate magnetic domain structure evolution with elastic coupling
    • Effective Property: calculate field distribution and effective value of linear properties
  • desktop software is designed to run on Window with a GUI in serial. Available modules are:
    • Dielectric Breakdown: simulate the dielectric breakdown path evolution based on a stochastic model
    • Effective Property: calculate field distribution and effective value of linear properties
    • Impedance: calculate the impedance of dielectric system at various frequencies

We are working on merging these two categories with the help of our newly developed Mu-PRO SDK. Thus, in the future the server software may also have GUI to assist parameter input, and desktop software may also utilize MPI to accelerate the simulation.