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Get trial license

Obtain license

For the license of server software, you need to:

  1. run the linux executable and take a screen shot of the console print out information
  2. send the print out to us through email [email protected]
  3. we will reply you with a trial license.lic file that you need to put under $MUPROROOT which is an environment variable that tells mupro where to look for th license file
  4. once you have purchased the perpetual license, we will send you an updated perpetual license.lic file to replace the old license file

For the desktop license, you need to:

  1. Register online in the Purchase page.
  2. Enter the secret we send you in email to the Register location in the desktop software.
  3. Once you purchased the perpetual license, we will update your license information in our database, and it should automatically update the old license file.